1974 / 89 min. / 18A
Director: John Waters
Cast: Divine, David Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce

This Filthy John Waters Retrospective: FEMALE TROUBLE

This December at The Royal Cinema, we’re getting down and dirty with a curated selection of some of John Waters most iconic works for a six-part retrospective! Prepare yourself for some of the most downright filthy films ever created, with a video introduction from the Pope of Trash himself!

Stay out past your curfew and come get in trouble the Saturday night of our John Waters retrospective!

Divine stars as Dawn Davenport, a fast-talking bad girl who can’t seem to keep herself out of detention. With Christmas around the corner, all she wants is a brand new pair of cha-cha heels, but her parents maintain, “nice girls don’t wear cha-cha heels” and she doesn’t get the one thing that she wanted. Dawn throws a fit, destroys the tree (in one of the most delightfully unhinged breakdowns to ever hit the screen), and leaves her parents’ house for good. She hitches a ride with a guy named Earl, they have sex, and she gets pregnant, but Earl becomes distant and Dawn is left to care for her daughter alone. She finds solace in a local beauty shop, where she meets two beauticians who love to photograph women committing crimes, and thus her new life begins.

Cited as one of John Waters’ favourites of his own output, Female Trouble is a true trash opus and one of the most necessary viewings in his filmography to fully understand his brand of humour and style. It is dedicated to Charles Manson cult member Charles “Tex” Watson after Waters visited him in prison, inspiring the “crime is beauty” theme that runs throughout. This movie finds its home in a greasy underbelly, offering a madcap comedy for only the scummiest sensibilities. Dirtbags welcome.

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