1975 / 88 min. / NR
Director: Natuk Baytan
Cast: Cüneyt Arkin, Bahar Erdeniz, Barbara Lake


Before the infamous “Turkish Star Wars” — there was 1975’s “The Sword and the Claw”! AGFA’s latest preservation is a wild ride through that same hallucinogenic netherworld, and features genre legend Cünyet Arkin in his most iconic role.

They took his money. They took his family. And now, they’ve taken his hands. But they can never take his revenge!

This is “Conan The Barbarian” meets The Three Stooges meets “Dolemite” — with more lo-fi bloodshed, pop-art visuals and lunatic dubbing than the boundaries of reality can handle.

“Dirtiest fighting ever!” — Kung-Fu Cinema
“A triumph of Turkish cinema.” — Pete Tombs, Mondo Macabro

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