1999 / 188 min. / R
Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Cast: Tom Cruise, Jason Robards, Julianne Moore, Philip Baker Hall

The P.T. Anderson 35mm Picture Show: MAGNOLIA

**Screening in conjunction with the P.T. Anderson 35mm Picture Show**


“The book says, ‘We might be through with the past, but the past ain’t through with us.’”


With BOOGIE NIGHTS making massive waves across the indie community, Paul Thomas Anderson was suddenly a household name. Sadly, this recent success was marred by the loss of his father, Ernie Anderson, to lung cancer before the film even premiered. Needless to say, he had many feelings. Instead of taking a break to process and heal, he took those feelings and channeled them into the soul-baring MAGNOLIA: a 3-hour ensemble epic about love, loss, and finding happiness through tragedy.


While unabashedly inspired by the works of Robert Altman (particularly Nashville and Short Cuts), MAGNOLIA manages to be uniquely original film in its own right. In another filmmakers hands, this could have been a cloying, sentimental mess. But with Anderson at the helm, the actual output was something nothing short of genius. A film that truly earns its right to be self-indulgent, MAGNOLIA has aged incredibly well and, with its expert handling of underlying themes of familial abuse and power ethics, is exactly the movie we need right now.


So buckle up, because we have an epic journey in store for you. Paul Thomas Anderson’s MAGNOLIA. In 35mm. Only at The Royal Cinema.

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