1975 / 111 min. / R
Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith
Cast: Jimmy Wang Yu, George Lazenby, Ros Spiers, Grant Page


7:30pm: Ozploitation Pre-Show | 8:00pm: The Man From Hong Kong

THE MAN FROM HONG KONG is the first Hong Kong/Australian co-production and boy it’s a banger, starring The One-Armed Swordsman himself (Jimmy Wang Yu) as Inspector Fang Sing Leng, a take-no-guff Dirty Harry rulebreaker overdubbed with a very deep, ultra-masculine American timbre. Inspector Leng is up against the suave yet taekwondo-trained gangster Jack Wilton (played by former 007, George Lazenby). Caught up in the mix are martial arts legend Sammo Hung, a couple of beer-swilling loud-mouthed Australian coppers (Hugh Keays-Byrne and Roger Ward), intrepid hang-gliding journalist Caroline Thorne (Ros Spiers) and Australia’s #1 stunt man Grant Page in an amazing and outrageously lengthy street chase-turned-kitchen knife fight with Jimmy Yu.

The first feature film by the incomparable Brian Trenchard-Smith (director of STUNT ROCK, TURKEY SHOOT, BMX BANDITS, and DEAD END DRIVE-IN), THE MAN FROM HONG KONG is appropriately balls-to-the-wall with action, including a fight on top of Ayers Rock, hang-gliding into a Hong Kong police station, crossbow attacks, car chases, explosions, extensive property damage, punch ups a-plenty, George Lazenby on fire, kung fu, kung fu, kung fu, and an assortment of exceptionally non-PC barbs and comments lobbed between the Aussie and Asian participants (“Tell me, Inspector, do you often take white girls to bed?” “Only on Tuesdays… and Thursdays.”).

THE MAN FROM HONG KONG is beautifully photographed by Oscar-winning cinematographer Russell Boyd (of THE LAST WAVE and MASTER AND COMMANDER) showcasing some really, really dangerous looking stunts delivered with supreme gusto. It is also notable for featuring the #1 love montage ever put to celluloid (according to Royal programmer David Bertrand, who is celebrating his birthday on the screening date).

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