1975 / 92 min. / PG
Director: Brian Damude
Cast: Dominic Hogan, Gay Rowan, Dan Hennessey, Hollis McLaren, David Yorston

Tax Shelter Follies: SUDDEN FURY with Brian Damude in attendance!

“This is an intelligent, thoughtful film made from the whole cloth of an Ontario background, and it deserves the widest possible showings.” So wrote Variety in June, 1975, and for a few months anyway, it looked like Brian Damude’s debut feature, a Southern Ontario rural noir about a man trying to kill the wife he thought he’d left for dead in a car wreck, was going to fulfill that promise. Sudden Fury not only made a rare domestic box office splash (recouping its costs and then some), but playing successfully in markets like the U.S., Japan, Holland, Hong Kong, Finland, Mexico, South Africa, Venezuela and Portugal. And then, following the fate of so many Canadian-made movies that briefly ignite the promise of a domestic box office presence, it largely disappeared. Seen only rarely on TV and on screen since, Damude’s Sudden Fury is a minor-key marvel of genre-smart budget filmmaking, anchoring its story of two men stalking each other in the aftermath of a homicidally-enhanced incident of road rage in the rolling greenery of a sunny Ontario summer. For our special presentation of Sudden Fury as part of the ongoing Tax Shelter Follies series on October 24, director Brian Damude will talk about the making of the film after screening a freshly digitized version of his own print.

– Geoff Pevere

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