1989 / 97 min. /
Director: Jay Levey
Cast: 'Weird Al' Yankovic, Victoria Jackson, Kevin McCarthy

Summer Camp: UHF

It’s time for Summer Camp to continue on with our wacky, wild escape from all things normal in cinema.

7:00pm – SPECIAL PRE-SHOW: Weird Al Karaoke (song request form will be available soon)
8:00pm – Movie starts

DRESS CODE: Make Weird Al proud. ****BYOTws: Bring Your Own Twinkie-wiener sandwiches.

Put down your remote control, throw out your TV guide. Put away your jacket, there’s no need to go outside. Instead park your tush at the Royal and strap yourself in for a night of outrageous Weird Al fun with our screening of the cult CAMP classic – UHF! After losing yet another job, George (Weird Al) wonders if there is any career that can handle his personality. Lucky for him, his uncle hands him the deed to a local TV station, where he creates a series of television shows based off social satire and hyperactive humour. With appearances from Michael Richards and Fran Drescher, and Gedde Watanabe, you’re going to want to forget about your job, crank up the volume and sit around and stare ‘til your brain turns into cottage cheese.

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Upcoming Screenings:

Saturday, Aug 26 - 8:00pm