1976 / 91 min. /
Director: Larry Cohen
Cast: Tony Lo Bianco, Deborah Raffin, Sandy Dennis

Retropath!: GOD TOLD ME TO

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Larry Cohen’s God Told Me To is about as unique of a movie as one could possibly desire: with equal parts horror, science fiction, police procedural and occult drama colliding together, this is one big screen watch you do not want to miss. Tony Lo Bianco (The Honeymoon Killers) stars as Peter Nicholas, a devout Catholic NYPD detective who is called to a scene where a lone gunman is on top of a water tower. By the time the ordeal is over, the gunman has killed fifteen pedestrians, and before jumping to his death he tells Nicholas (who has climbed to the top to try and talk him down) that God told him to commit the murders. Nicholas then repeatedly encounters bizarre murders by a seemed death cult, all claiming that God told them to kill before they ultimately take their life. He must piece together the clues given to find the catalyst, but learns that at the core of God’s “plan” there is an underworld of misguided faith and aliens, all at the hands of a violent messiah.

God Told Me to is truly a film like no other – it takes its cop flick bones and builds its muscles in esoteric science fiction, mixed with horrific imagery in the culminating sequence that will assuredly render the entire audience quiet. It also features a serendipitous cameo from infamous “song and dance man” Andy Kaufman as a possessed policeman, who happened to be in a St. Patricks day parade antagonizing the crowd, and in true Cohen gonzo form: he saw the opportunity for an interesting scene, managed to steal it, and to top it all off – did not even have permission to film the parade. Come for Tony Lo Bianco in the midst of a cult nightmare, stay for some of the weirdest alien anatomy you could ever fathom.

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