1980 / 114 min. / PG
Director: Robert Altman
Cast: Robin Williams, Shelley Duvall, Ray Walston


“I yam what I yam!”

Popeye’s warts-and-all catchphrase could easily apply to this totally bonkers, obsessively watchable, live-action adaptation of E. C. Segar’s spinach-pushing comic strip, directed by the great American auteur Robert Altman. A baffling mix of Max Fleischer-nodding cartoon slapstick, undiluted Altmanisms — overlapping, semi-improvised dialogue; high-wire juggling of a ragtag ensemble — and music by mercurial ‘70s songwriter Harry Nilsson, Popeye was, at the time of its release, far too peculiar a studio film to connect with either audiences or critics. (Though it had its outlying defenders, Roger Ebert chief among them.) Today it can be appreciated as the misfit, amusement-park movie that it is, anchored (heh) by Robin Williams as the clam-eyed, veggie-fuelled Sailor Man, and Shelley Duvall, pitch perfect, as the radiant, angular Olive Oyl. This is Altman for kids!

“A wacky masterpiece, the like of which you’ve never seen before.” – Geoff Andrews, Time Out


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