1979 / 123 min. / R
Director: Bob Fosse
Cast: Roy Scheider, Jessica Lange, Leland Palmer, Ann Reinking

Neon Dreams Cinema Club + Ladies of Burlesque: ALL THAT JAZZ

It’s showtime! Neon Dreams joins forces with Ladies of Burlesque to celebrate the glitzy, audacious, and gleefully debaucherous world of New York’s Broadway scene in the cocaine-fueled heyday of the late ‘70s. In what is arguably the boldest move in the career of a filmmaker notorious for bold moves, Bob Fosse (Cabaret, Lenny) tells the “fictional” (but clearly auto-biographical) tale of Joe Gideon (Roy Scheider), a drug-addicted, womanizing, yet profoundly brilliant theatre director whose life comes crashing down once his self-destructive lifestyle catches up with him.

Managing to secure 9 Academy Award nominations (including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor) while remaining stubbornly unconventional (hey, it was the ‘70s!), Fosse avoids anything resembling schmaltz by swapping out sentimentality for Dali-esque surrealism and high-energy theatrics. A film about life, love, death, and everything in between. ALL THAT JAZZ will grab you from the first frame and won’t let go until the disco-fever-dream of a finale that promises to leave you laughing, crying, and dancing in your seat all at once.

Now get those jazz-hands ready because, as a Ladies of Burlesque co-presentation, this feature will be preceded by a scintillating, jazzy burlesque performance by Toronto legend Laura Desiree!

This screening and others are made possible thanks to our wonderful sponsor Hollywood Suite. As always this will be a fully licensed event featuring a fabulous on-screen pre-show and great prizes before the film. Be sure to arrive early!

Upcoming Screenings:

Friday, Aug 25 - 8:00pm