1966 / 85 min. / PG
Director: Mario Bava
Cast: Giacomo Rossi Stuart, Erika Blanc, Fabienne Dali, Piero Lulli

Mario BavaFest: KILL, BABY… KILL! 2K Restoration

Canadian premiere of the new restoration!

“A stunning restoration of Mario Bava’s 1966 macabre masterpiece.” – Paper Magazine

In a fin-de-siècle Transylvanian village, a doctor arrives to investigate a young maid’s mysterious death, only to learn the legend of a deceased girl whose ball-bouncing ghost may be driving the locals to suicide… With its hallucinatory colors and sinister moods, this is the pinnacle of Gothic Euro-horror, an influence on Scorsese, Lynch, Fellini, Argento, del Toro, and countless others, and the ideal entry point into one of the great bodies of work in the Italian cinema. (Quad Cinema)

New 2K restoration made for the film’s 50th Anniversary

“A true masterpiece… The restored version is just beautiful to look at: colors pop, film grains are visible in the shadows and blemishes on the negatives are all but cleaned up. The restoration makes the film truly the most gorgeous and elegant among all of Bava’s films.” – Screen Anarchy

Mario Bava mini-retrospective includes restorations of Black Sunday, Hatchet For the Honeymoon, Kill, Baby… Kill!, and Planet of the Vampires. $30 pass to see all 4 films!

Co-presented by Horror-Rama. 

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