2017 / 108 min. / G
Director: Carlos Saldanha
Cast: John Cena, Kate McKinnon, Bobby Cannavale


Based on the acclaimed children’s book by author Munro Leaf, this computer-animated family film is all about a bull named FERDINAND. Voiced by WWE-wrestler-turned-actor John Cena, Ferdinand is a very peculiar Spanish Fighting Bull. Ever since he was a young age, Ferdinand has preferred to do things differently. He doesn’t enjoy getting in scraps with the other young bulls. He prefers practicing non-violence and *literally* smelling the flowers. He is tested, though, when a misunderstanding leads to him being thrown into a bull fight stadium. Faced by the raging crowds, a matador and a red flag, Ferdinand must decide where his true nature lies.

First published in 1936, the children’s book THE STORY OF FERDINAND has a storied legacy. Banned by Hitler during WWII, it was also one of the most popular kids books in America in the ‘30s and Ferdinand himself was referenced in Marvel Comics’ Doctor Strange as a nickname for the gentle, kind alien bull Rintrah. Carlos Saldanha directs this latest adaptation, with Kate McKinnon, Gina Rodriguez, Bobby Cannavale, Anthony Anderson and Peyton Manning all lending vocal support. (Alamo Drafthouse)

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