2017 / 68 min. / NR
Director: Guylaine Maroist, Eric Ruel, Michel Barbeau
Cast: Various


Constructed like a grand epic, Expo67: Mission Impossible is a true thriller starring the characters who were the Mad Men of Montreal. The organizers had only 1,628 days to build an island, 128 pavilions, three bridges and trains capable of transporting tens of millions of visitors. A computer modelling team at the Stanford Research Institute predicted failure. The first organizing committee resigned. Speculators started getting edgy. Ottawa and Quebec City were reluctant to cough up the cash for a one-time event that would cost more than all the bridges of Montreal. Despite endless foot-dragging in the office of Lester B. Pearson, the admonitions of René Lévesque, and almost systematic sabotage on the part of journalists, everything was ready for the official opening on April 28, 1967.

“☆☆☆☆… We like the quality of the research, the fast paced editing, the dynamism (…), the pride displayed by the film.” — Normand Provencher, Le Soleil

“Expo 67 Mission Impossible is an absolute must see.” — Josée Legault, Journal de Montréal

“A fantastic documentary.” Stéphane Garneau, Radio-Canada

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