1990 / 85 min. /
Director: John Waters
Cast: Johnny Depp, Ricki Lake, Amy Locane


Squares and drapes alike are welcome to our screenings of Cry Baby!

Amy Locane stars as Allison Vernon-Wiliams, a local good girl who catches the eye of the baddest boy in town, Cry Baby Wade Walker. She’s enticed by him, not only because of how much of a major babe he is, but also because of how different his life is than hers. She starts to flirt with the idea of ditching the bobby-socks in favour of a leather jacket and tight skirts, which creates turmoil amongst her peers, especially with her boyfriend, who becomes infuriated at the idea – so naturally, she dumps him. Allison and Cry Baby inevitably fall in love, and must fight against their friends and family to be with each other, offering Romeo and Juliet with a campy twist in this delightful musical.

Cry Baby is John Waters revelling in his adoration of cheesy rock ‘n’ roll caricatures, offering a slightly sweeter palate of flavour to what he had created in his first couple of films. This film is cartoonish and comical, with an earnest soundtrack to allow the audience to further play within the world he has created. It was the first of John Waters’ films to incite a bidding war between studios, coming off of the heels of Hairspray, also featuring an ensemble cast of actors that would only exist in a John Waters movie, including Iggy Pop, Traci Lords, and Patricia Hearst.

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