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****Tickets for Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Reunion are now SOLD OUT****

Wednesday, October 11th

Doors Open @ 7 PM
Show Starts @ 8 PM

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, we call this story, The Tale of the Are You Afraid of the Dark Reunion! If you grew up in Canada in the 90’s then you definitely remember the loveable cast of pre-teens huddled around the campfire freaking us out with tales of horror, mystery and just plain being a kid. Every tale taught us a life lesson, some of which still haunt us today!

Join us, the talented Mr. Aron Tager (Dr. Vink, with a Vuh Vuh Vuh), his wife, the gorgeous Ann Page, also known as Mrs. Clove from The Tale of The Twisted Claw. Mr. Richard Dumont (Sardo, no Mister, accent on the “Do“) as well as the leader of the Midnight Society, Gary (Ross Hull) !! We will be showing two classic episodes of AYAOTD, on either side of a panel and audience Q&A with the attending cast. Raffle prizes will be drawn, popcorn and beer will be consumed, for those who opt-in for a VIP ticket, there will also be an opportunity for an autograph & photo with the cast after the screenings and panel!

PLUS! Former YTV hosts PJ Phil and PJ Paul will also be on hand (live and in person) to introduce the episodes as if you were watching them in a DARK NIGHT programming block!

Tickets are $20 and $30 for a VIP wristband, which includes an autograph/photo-op opportunity.

Presented by: BLOOD OPERA INC.
Supported by: The Laser Blast Film Society, DHX Media and The Royal Cinema!

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