THE LASER BLAST FILM SOCIETY is a misfit gang of oddball academics, filmmakers and cineastes that champion cinematic eccentricity, obscurity and sincerity.

Each month we return to The Royal Cinema (608 College Street) from the recesses of cyberspace and the darkest corners of ancient video stores to present an ineffable feature film that we deem to have fallen between the cracks of conventional canons, cult or otherwise. From amateur shot-on-video epics to expensive exercises in enigmatic ego-mania, LASER BLAST invites audiences to discover the weirdest and wildest outsider movies and media that we can assemble. Peppered with annual tributes to horror television in October (DARK NIGHT RETURNS) and Full Motion Video games in February (FEB.MO.VID.), each season of programming also culminates in June with our annual WHAT THE FILM FESTIVAL, Toronto’s #1 destination for contemporary cinematic forays into the bizarre and beguiling.

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Laser Blast Film Society: EMPIRE OF THE DARK

Laser Blast Film Society: EMPIRE OF THE DARK

Enveloped by a melodramatic and non-stop symphonic score, and peppered with delirious optical effects and stop-motion monsters, EMPIRE OF THE DARK is a trampoline of a movie... [ more ]

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