Showgirls, sirens and chorines take over The Royal’s stage and screen! Pairing classic films with enticing live performances from the very best of Toronto’s bustling burlesque scene, LADIES of BURLESQUE celebrates the artistry of the form and the sultry vixens of the silver screen that inspire it. From Marilyn Monroe, to Liza Minnelli, to Marlene Dietrich and Joan Crawford, this series represents the very best of classic Hollywood and beyond. Each screening highlights complicated, dynamic, and scintillating female leads—whether of the femme fatale variety or hard-done-by heroine with the heart of gold. Men beware: these ladies are breaking hearts and taking names. Introduced with a curated live performance that compliments the themes and visuals of the film, the burlesque performance will have you hooting and hollering for more! Body positive, sex positive, and inclusive, LADIES of BURLESQUE is your sure ticket for a rollicking, arousing, and empowering good time!